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'I am a woman and artist first,

business owner second'

My passion for creating empowering self love experiences is the driving force behind my studios. I bring together my extensive background and education in fine arts, photography, makeup artistry, styling and set design to give you a truly creative and unforgettable experience with stunning imagery as your keepsake.

I believe every woman has magic within them. Sometimes all it takes is someone who believes in you and a comfortable and safe environment for it to be discovered.


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'Not having previously experienced being celebrated as a woman in my life, I didn’t know what I missed until I met Noelle. From the initial telephone call until saying good bye, I was at ease and pleasantly familiar with her demeanor and excellent customer service. Noelle is my muse, my inspiration. Noelle has helped me to get back the femininity I lost. Her gracious and stylish personality, along with her magical studio made it all an stupendous day for me. My session was filled with everything I needed, no detail was overlooked. I am in love, I can’t wait to reward myself again with such a beautiful and fabulous boudoir session.'

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'Nervous, insecure, not sexy at all…
these were the words racing through my head
as I drove to Noelle’s studio.
I never could have imagined how this experience was really going play out. From the second I walked in, Noelle made me feel calm, at peace, beautiful, confident and allowed me to embrace every curve! I am still smiling and remembering every second of this day!!! Thank you so much for helping me love all of me! All my “mommy marks”, everything that makes me a woman!! Thank you!!!'

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